Individual / Employee / Worker

Funding for training is targeted at developing new skills for entry-level (apprentices) and existing workers in the industry. For example:

  • apprentices under an ACT Contract of Training are eligible for business skills training
  • injured workers on rehabilitation are eligible for training to assist their return to the industry
  • existing workers are eligible for refresher courses, training in new fields and management techniques relevant to the industry.

An ELIGIBLE PERSON is any person usually working in or in connection with the building and construction industry in the ACT who is substantially (at least 80%) performing "work liable for the Training Levy" or is a person deemed as an eligible person on application to the Authority.

  • An eligible person can be an employer, employee or an independent contractor.
  • Employees, apprentices, employers, group training organisations (GTOs), industry bodies and associations, and registered training organisations (RTOs) may lodge an application form seeking funding.

The applicant must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Authority that any individual covered by a request for funding of training is an eligible worker. This may require a statutory declaration.