Apply for a Funding Grant


A worker is eligible for funding if he/she:

  • works for a company or organisation that is substantially (at least 80%) engaged in carrying out work described in the Schedule of Work in the Act, within the ACT;
  • undertakes training that meets all the requirements outlined in approved RTOs/courses; OR
  • does not meet standard eligibility requirements, but may have special circumstances that are deemed acceptable by the TFA. Please contact us for more information.


It is the responsibility of the applicant, or person or organisation applying on behalf of an applicant, to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met prior to submitting an application.

In the situation where there are more applications than training places or funds available, applications will be assessed in the order that they are received. The Authority does not guarantee to fund any particular application. Participants shall contribute to the cost of the training.

If the eligibility requirements indicate that you need to provide evidence of eligible employment, future employment offers, etc., please ensure that you include this information with your application.

You will generally receive notification about the outcome of your application within 1-2 weeks from the date of receipt by the Training Fund Authority.

If you are unsure of your selected RTO's national code, search here